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Tank Destoner

Wyma’s Tank Destoner has been designed to gently separate stones from produce before washing and pre-inspection cycles.


Wyma’s Tank Destoner, provides gentle stone and clod separation from produce, prior to washing and pre-inspection cycles.

Produce, stones and debris enter the water filled tank, where a water jet directs the movement of produce towards the outfeed. Stones falling through the water to the bottom of the tank are carried away on the stone elevator for disposal. A pump draws water from either a Wyma water tank or other equipment on the line and exists with the regular waste dumping.

A Tank Destoner is essential for heavy soil loading conditions and when removal of sharp/flat stones is required. Use as an independent unit, as a component of our Combi-System or as part of a line.

Suitable for all root vegetables.


  • Durable, robust, stainless steel construction
  • Heavy duty food grade web belt
  • Large water-filled tank
  • Water jet propelled mixing
  • Gentle on produce
  • Effective stone and clod separation
  • Easy to use touch screen equipment control
  • Water efficient
  • Access hatches for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Automatic dump valves for controlled, periodic removal of debris

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